National Day Fand (Italian Diabetic Association) of Diabetes

XXXIV ° National Day Fand (Italian Diabetic Association) of Diabetes

Tomorrow 4 October, San Francesco, Fand (Italian Diabetic Association) celebrates the thirty -fourth national day for diabetes, rewarding the winners of the first literary competition Fand: “100 sweet words”

Milan, 3 October 2016 – There are almost 4 million people with diabetes in our country, about 6% of the population, not to mention those who have the disease but still don’t know it. “Diabetes is growing strongly, both that of children and young people, the so-called infanti-giovery diabetes and that of adults. This disease now concerns almost 1 Italian family out of 6 “, recalls Albino Bottazzo, national president of the Italian diabetic association. “These families are dedicated to the XXXIV National Diabetes Day, conceived in the 80s by our founder Roberto Lombardi, to make the disease speak, make it known and sensitize institutions. Since then Fand, which today has over 120 associations distributed on the national territory, has always been characterized by its action.

He promoted the promulgation of law 115 of 1987 which protects people with diabetes, alongside scientific societies and other members of the world of diabetes has contributed to the recognition of exemption from the ticket for exams and the principals for diabetes, has actively participated To the path that gave life, in 2013, to the national plan for diabetic disease, which outlines tools and initiatives aimed at promoting prevention, assistance and care of the disease, “he says.

In all these years Fand has also been used in the area to sensitize citizens to prevention, possible for type 2 diabetes, organizing free screenings, training and information courses, walks, school fields, cultural events. “This year, in addition to the initiatives promoted by our associations in the main Italian municipalities, Fand has organized an important conference in Rome on the weekend, to discuss technological and pharmacological innovations for the treatment of the disease, but above all wanted to tackle a particular theme: The complex world of a person with diabetes “, explains Bottazzo.

He did, in particular, with the announcement of the first literary competition Fand entitled ‘100 sweet words’. “We proposed to all people with diabetes who wanted to try their hand at expressing, exactly in 100 words, their relationship with the disease, telling what the impact with the diagnosis was, with the debut of diabetes. This has arisen full of pathos that describe a very particular moment in a person’s life, awakening memories, anxieties, but also love, affection, friendship, tenderness, warmth.”

The jury of the prize, made up of Albino Bottazzo, national president of Fand, Stefano Garau and Ignazio Parisi, national councilors, the swimming sports champion, Monica Priore, and the Sen. Emanuela Baio, awarded the prizes, in the two ‘adult’ and ‘young under 18’ categories to:

1st classified – Letizia Cerati di Marsciano (Perugia)
2nd classified – Luisa Codeluppi of Scandiano (Reggio Emilia)
3rd classified – Enzo Bernardi di Ariccia (Rome)

Under 18:
1st classified – Francesco De Biasi of Collegno (Turin)
2nd classified – Costanza Stassi of Palermo
3rd classified – Victory Zucchetto di Canicattì (Agrigento)