Viterbo Don’t forget you Fundraising Day for Beatrice Association

Viterbo – “ Don’t forget you “Fundraising day for the Beatrice Association

A few more days and throughout Italy the national day for women’s health will be celebrated.

On April 22, in fact, the day on which the Nobel Prize Rita Levi Montalcini was born, the second edition of the “in Rosa” initiative will occur specifically to encourage the dissemination of themes concerning research in the field of women’s health and to spread, in a widespread manner, the importance of a culture of prevention, fundamental for an effective contrast of specific and serious pathologies.

Viterbo, among the first Italian cities, has been preparing for some time, with commitment and passion, for the important event.

The Tusciaevents cultural association, in synergy with numerous local realities, from Soroptomist to Fidapa, and with the patronage of both the ASL and the Municipality of Viterbo, managed to develop a series of appointments aimed at preventing female tumors and combined in such a way Multiple aspects to mix: from health to culture, from entertainment to sport.

The result is “Don’t forget you”, a day full of unmissable initiatives that will take place, from the morning, at the Salus hotel in Viterbo, with a specific purpose: a fundraising for the Beatrice Onlus Association that will allocate them the purchase of an electric scalpel to be donated to the Belcolle Senology department.

The initiatives will start at 10.30 with an entrance to the spa and lunch services at a reduced price.

Starting from the afternoon, at 3 pm.30, official inauguration in the presence of the press and the authorities and, following, a series of focus and insights with doctors and experts in the sector concerning different themes: from sexuality in the couple after self -implementation cancer, from the tumor as a family system illness disease , knowledge and correct nutrition for prevention.

During the course of the day, meetings dedicated to women’s well -being with experiences of music therapy and dance therapy.

At 8pm.30 via to the dinner for fundraising, accompanied by an exceptional fashion defileè and presented by Sedoc march with the participation of the official impersonator of Mina РLoredana Cervelli.

The members of the Tuscania Volley team will participate in the parade that some women operated in the breast who have accepted to bring their extraordinary testimony, to demonstrate that the tumor can defeat and continuous life perhaps even better than before, certainly with greater awareness.

During the entire evening there will be both the boys of the Volleyball team Tuscania Volley and the girls of the Settebello Rosa with their coaches who will make themselves available on the Red Carpet specially set up.