Fan how to use it well without hurting

Fan, how to use it well without hurting

In the summer there are always different solutions to face the great heat and one of those increasingly used (and easy to put into practice) is to have a fan. There are ways to use the fan well without hurting, Starting where it is better that it is positioned.

Fan, do not aim directly

A floor fan can or position it towards yourself (at a distance of at least one meter) or place it between the window and the door by activating the rotation so that the air spreads in the room. Although the impulse of many, to contrast the heat, is to put in direct contact with the air jet of the fan, this is wrong, especially if you have sweaty so it is very important to avoid doing it.

It should be remembered that even if the fan is an excellent ally against the summer heat and proves to be cheaper than air conditioners and air conditioners, it is necessary to avoid its use at night, especially if they are directed towards themselves. In fact, even if they lower the temperature in the room, they increase sweating and therefore the risk of dehydration if enough water is not consumed.

In practice, when you wake up, you would find yourself with eyes and dry mouth, sore throat, muscle pain, torching and crags. So, even if you want to use the night fan, it is better to place it at a distance with the rotation option and set, if there is, automatic shutdown so that it does not remain on for as long as you sleep.

The increase in sweating for a healthy and adult person may also not represent a problem so much but for an elderly person yes, so the use of this appliance is not recommended. Among other things, if the fan is not equipped with HEPA filters, its drive will raise polluting agents, allergens, pollen, potentially harmful to health and risky through the respiratory tract of these subjects.