A correct diet can prevent the risk of contracting cancer

A correct diet can prevent the risk of contracting cancer?

Alarming statistics reveal that 1 every day in Italy are diagnosed 1.000 new cases of cancer, making it clear how we are still far from defeating this deadly disease.

And while science continues to feed our hopes in this fight against cancer, it seems that our daily diet plays an important role in fighting this disease.

Food risks

Having a balanced and varied diet has always been considered one of the secrets for a healthy life, and it is therefore crucial to have a diet that helps to maintain a constant weight since obesity is one of the main risk factors for cancer.

This is due to excess body fat that produces hormones that increase the chances of developing a tumor. In addition to this, also an excessive consumption of processed foods and red meat has been associated with a greater risk of being affected by this disease.

Reduce risks

For a long time, experts in the sector encourage the consumption of fresh foods such as fruit, vegetables and high fiber products since it is one of the best ways to help the body keep cancer away.

The recent EPIC project on Cancer and Nutrition has revealed that even a fishing diet that includes a lot of fish can help reduce the risk of cancer.

Although abundant consumption of processed foods has been one of the main food trends of the last decades, it would seem that greater interest in fresh products is growing. Home delivery companies as Deliveroo are the demonstration of how our frenetic lives do not exclude the possibility of healthy and nourishing diet; After all, ten minutes are enough to order a healthy dish.

Know the surpassings

Although it is not necessary to underestimate the benefits of a balanced diet, numerous journalistic newspapers have enhanced the beneficial properties of various overcoming. In Blueberries and Broccoli, but also to vogue foods such as flax seeds, the ability to reduce the risk of developing cancer has been recognized.

And even if it is always very difficult to establish a direct connection between the intake of these overcoming and the possibility of avoiding cancer, it is perhaps because they are all non -trial foods that represents the most significant factor.

Both by eating products grown in the house such as spinach, black cabbage and Roman lettuce, and by ordering a fresh salad with deliveroo, we can give our body an extra chance to avoid this disease.