Blisters at the feet how to prevent them

Blisters at the feet, how to prevent them

With the heat it is very likely that on the feet snacks of the blisters. This happens because the summer footwear are worn most of the time without socks or with very short socks that lead the skin to rub with the hardest parts of the shoe.

Because the blisters are formed

Furthermore, another reason is the wet skin that promotes the appearance of the blisters and also, with the heat, the feet swell and therefore the shoes will fit closer, making friction.

Some activities that are practiced in summer (walking for trails in the mountains, for example) can also lead to the appearance of blisters.

The blisters are annoying and painful but reabsorbed by themselves in a few days; Other times, however, they prevent us from wearing some types of shoes and, if they are infected, they must be medicated.

But how to prevent blisters and avoid all this?

First of all you need to create friction and this can be done by avoiding wearing shoes too tight or too wide.

If, on the other hand, new shoes are fitted that must soften or plan to walk for a long time, better to apply substances that reduce friction (or plaster).

Furthermore, if they are closed shoes, you can wear more double socks: cotton ones are easily wet with sweat making the skin damp and therefore favoring the appearance of the blisters, so it is better to use more padded socks, without seams , and that they do not bother but above all that they do not bathe.

To prevent the appearance of the blisters, there are then special sticks on the market that make the skin more slippery or alternatively you can spread the vaseline.

Furthermore, there are some silicone covers, so that blisters can be prevented but it is also a suitable aid to those with the calls, dry skin and heels’ cracks.