A health breath digital event with the prof

A health breath, digital event with the prof. Pregliasco and the Dr. De Marco for winter respiratory pathologies: on December 15th at 18:00

6-10 colds per year for children e 2-4 For adults, syncio respiratory virus (VRS) 1 Due to the single cause of acute respiratory infections of the low respiratory tract In children around the world (1) , 50-80% The hospitalizations for bronchiolitis which are caused by VRS (2) , 40-50% Stress children with hissing breath, at risk of asthma in adulthood (3.4) .

The Covid-19 does not stop and the respiratory viruses overlap with the pandemics and involve adults and children that we must protect from the risk of respiratory diseases.

In addition to the need to get vaccinated against Covid-19

In addition to the need to vaccinate against Covid-19 and the influence to create a protective shield also towards the aggravations of chronic respiratory pathologies, prevention and care make the difference in facing winter diseases: re-rhosinusitis, sore throat, laryngitis, bronchitis, hissing breath, asthma, and in the smallest bronchiolitis are all pathologies that can also have serious consequences. Learn to respect the “Protective etiquette towards respiratory viruses”, prevent, know how to recognize symptoms, continue and not to suspend the therapies to protect the respiratory well -being of children and adults, know the role of nebulization in preventing and treating safely , are the protagonists of the digital event “Winter respiratory pathologies: what strategies to reduce risks?” which will be held next December 15 live at 6 pm.00 On the Facebook page of “A health breath” https: // www.Facebook.com/uniredisalute

The initiative is promoted by Federate and Allergie Onlus and is part of the project “A health breath “ educational campaign created with the patronage of IAR (Italian Academy of Riology), Siaip (Italian Society of Pediatric Allergology and Immunology) e Simri (Italian Society for Child Respiratory Diseases), made possible thanks to the non -conditioned contribution of Chiesi Italia, the Italian branch of the Chiesi Group.

“The respiratory anti-virus etiquette” to protect against winter pathologies and complications

Because it is essential to follow the “respiratory anti-virus etiquette” to protect yourself outside and inside the house from the pathologies of the high and low airways, including bronchiolitis that affect above all children?

“In the time of Covid-19, of new variants and influence, it remains essential to vaccuate for several reasons: facilitating differential diagnosis avoiding alarmism, and creating a protective shield also against respiratory complications (e.g. pneumonia) lurking with the cold season. In addition to the influenza viruses that are the cause of cold, sore throat, tonsillitis and even laryngotracheobronchitis in children, it is to be kept in mind that influencers and other pathogens typical of the cold season are also arriving. We must therefore protect everyone, but above all the most fragile such as pregnant women, asthmatic children or adults and children with cardiovascular or bronchopneumopathy pathologies, and of course the elderly subjects over 65 years. Prevention is important as also to cure the pathologies of the high airways (cold, sore throat, cough) because if not treated they can cause more severe diseases to the low respiratory tract.

Currently particular attention must be paid to the syncial respiratory virus (VRS) and bronchiolitis that affectsor not the little ones and not I am to be underestimated “. – states the Prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco (Associate Professor of General Hygiene and Applied at the Virology Section of the Department of Biomedical Sciences for the Health of the University of Milan). – “Bronchiolitis, often caused by the syncial respiratory virus, is a classic of each season and is one of the many viruses to resemble flu. The “Etiquette Anti-Virus respiratory” is therefore a must also be at home to protect especially the youngest from the contagion: wash your hands before touching or taking the child in his arms, do not touch the eyes, nose, mouth cares, Clean all the surfaces in the potentially contaminated house, including toys.

Not only that: to help the very small child breathe better, a valid daily therapeutic approach with nebulization can be used “.

The symptoms that parents must pay attention to protect the little ones and know when to intervene

The manifestations of syncial respiratory viruses are typically respiratory and in the infants are framed mainly in bronchiolitis: what the parents of infants and children up to 2 years of age must be careful to recognize the pathology when it begins to manifest themselves and – Above all – what to do to avoid the risk that bronchiolitis arises?

“The initial phase of VRS in infants and younger children is often mild, similar to colds and flu. Parents of babies and children under two years old must learn to “pay attention to some symptoms and their possible escalation”. If the child, especially if very small, posters in appearance, irritability or whining, it is important to consult the pediatrician to exclude the presence of the first signs of respiratory commitment that can go unnoticed in bronchiolitis.

Bronchiolitis is not to be underestimated since it can evolve towards demanding symptoms and manifest itself with fever (generally not high), breathing difficulties and refusal of the nutrition that can determine the need to hospitalize the small patient. The pathology affects children under 2 years of age: most cases occur in the first year of life and premature children are at greater risk of serious form, with congenital heart disease, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, congenital anomalies of the airways and immunodeficiency “. underlines the Dr. Antonio Di Marco (Medical Director I Level U.OR.C.

Pediatric bronchopneumology, Bambino Gesù hospital –i.R.C.C.S.). – “The syncial respiratory virus (VRS) which most determines bronchiolitis, is involving many children and we have recorded a peak of hospitalization since October (which overlap with pandemic) but it is important to reassure and inform parents that the prevention of contagion it is effective and that this pathology is generally manageable at home. In the event that, on the other hand, the pediatrician caught the signs of aggravation of bronchiolitis, the pathology can in some cases also lead to the hospitalization of the small patient.

In addition to the implementation of all the daily rules to protect from the contagion, rediscovering ideal hygiene rules that have actually always existed, it is important that the mother with cough or cooled breastfeeds her little one with the mask. Hand hygiene is fundamental as well as avoiding contacts with people who show initial respiratory symptoms, avoid smoking and promote breastfeeding that has shown to be a protective factor. It is also important to help the child very small to breathe better by resorting to a valid daily therapeutic approach with nebulization to keep the respiratory tract free, and make sure that the baby foods and hydrates normally by mouth. In the event that the hunger for air is absolutely necessary to contact the pediatrician who will evaluate how to approach the individual patient.

There is no specific therapy for bronchiolitis but serious cases can be faced and cured in the hospital with the administration of fluids for intravenously to make up for the naveness and oxygen which is indicated to compensate the negative effects of the reduced penetration of the air in the streets aerial. It is important to know how to recognize the symptoms, not underestimate them and intervene with the pediatrician. Generally over a week the baby heals “.

Where there is a pathology of the high airways, the risk is the development of low respiratory diseases

Protecting the respiratory system also protects other organs from the development of pathologies? Which subjects at greatest risk that must be protected? Because the therapeutic adherence plays a fundamental role?

“The flu and influenza shapes, which affect everyone indiscriminately, adults and children, often pave the way for other infections, putting at greater risk of otitis, rhinosinusitis, pharyngo-tonsillitis, etc. Especially the most delicate subjects: pregnant women, elderly people, patients with chronic diseases, children between 6 months and 5 years, in which the most common complications and problems borne by the respiratory system can consist of acute bronchitis and pneumonia. It is in fact important to remember that pathologies which can affect the high airways if not treated in the correct way, they can also compromise the health of the low airways. Furthermore, in the pediatric patient, the respiratory system must be considered as one: the pathologies of the high airways if not treated extend more easily into small patients, increasing the risk of developing bronchitis, catarrhal bronchitis (of viral origin and a times bacterial) “. – underlines the Prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco (Associate Professor of General Hygiene and Applied at the Virology Section of the Department of Biomedical Sciences for the Health of the University of Milan). – “For all these reasons, adherence to preventive care and therapies prescribed by the doctor is fundamental, also with nebulization, for the treatment of pathologies of the high respiratory tract. To avoid the development of complications and intervene to escape even acute respiratory diseases, the prescribed therapies must not be interrupted: if there is no adherence to the treatment there will be no result.

I therefore invite all parents not only to vaccinate to create a protective shield towards Covid-19 and the influence, but to follow both the hygiene and protection rules and the preventive and healing therapies prescribed by the doctor to safeguard the respiratory health of children most at risk during winter, especially in pandemic time “.

Nebulization an ally to prevent and treat even children with chronic pathologies such as asthma

How nebulization works and what role its use in Covid-19 time plays? It is also suitable and safe in children? Because you absolutely must not stop therapies, especially if you suffer from chronic pathologies such as asthma?

“Ceiling helps to treat the symptoms of high and low airways respiratory pathologies. They are very common: laryngitis, tracheo-bronchitis and, sometimes, pneumonia. We must not underestimate, especially in pandemic time, asthmatiform bronchitis, an acute form of bronchitis that starts with hissing breathing, present in 40-50% of preschool children.

Its characteristic is the presence of an acute and continuous whistle emitted during exhalation, it can culminate in crisis and breathing difficulty of the little patient. The quality of life is compromised during the acute event that lasts average a week. In addition, the hissing breath can be associated over time with an increased risk of developing asthma. For this reason it is important to take care of the pediatric patient with methodologies “. – underlines the Dr. Antonio Di Marco (Medical Director I Level U.OR.C.

Pediatric bronchopneumology, Bambino Gesù hospital –i.R.C.C.S.). – “In children with hissing breath or asthma it is essential to resort to effective and suitable methods of care: the

Aerosolic therapies with predosate spray, dry powder inhalers, nebulizers. In particular, nebulization is a non -invasive methodology, suitable for children and is recommended by international guidelines for the administration of various remedies (such as isotonic or hypertonic saline solutions, etc.) and drugs; It is a real system of care with accessories (ampoules, mouths, masks) that requires minimal collaborative effort: the patient must only breathe. Aerosolic therapy, in particular with spray and dust for inhalation, in addition to being used in acute pathologies, also constitutes a fundamental therapeutic garrison in the “preventive” treatment of bronchial asthma, the most frequent chronic pathology in pediatric age that affects about 10 % of children over 6 years. ASSAMATICS ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTE recommended that, Especially in times of Covid-19, maintenance therapy is not suspended.

There are two important reasons for this invitation: to suspend the therapy can lead to a potentially dangerous worsening of the pathology and the risk of aggravation up to the use of the emergency room, also the good control of asthma and the good level of respiratory function guaranteed by one regular care gives, in the case of viral infection, a greater margin of resistance towards viral disease itself “.

For a protected Christmas “Etiquette anti-virus respiratory” inside and outside the home and therapeutic continuity

What is essential to do during the winter and above all Christmas period that puts us in closer contact with family and friends? How to protect ourselves in closed places like the house?

“It is important to remind moms and dads the recommendation not only of vaccinating to create a protective shield for oneself and for others but also to respect the precautionary rules in time of Covid-19 and above all to put in place daily the “respiratory anti-virus etiquette” to protect adults and, above all, children not Only from the pandemic and influence, but also from the numerous winter pathologies lurking. It is essential and simple – Especially at the Christmas moment, of abandonment, relaxation and sharing of affections – remember, even in the family and friendly context, to wash your hands, do not smoke, clean the surfaces, avoid great aggregations. Prevention is important as also to cure: the recommendation is also to never suspend preventive and healing therapies, as well as those carried out with nebulization “. – conclude the Prof. Fabrizio Pregliasco (Associate Professor of General Hygiene and Applied at the Virology Section of the Department of Biomedical Sciences for the Health of the University of Milan) and the University) and Dr.

Antonio Di Marco (Medical Director I Level U.OR.C. Pediatric bronchopneumology, Bambino Gesù hospital –i.R.C.C.S.).

During the live facebook it will be possible to ask questions to the specialists and have answers to all the doubts that families find themselves having compared to the prevention and management of respiratory pathologies to safeguard the health and quality of the breath of the boys and the little ones at risk of Sincial respiratory virus and bronchiolite.

The educational campaign on erosulterapy “a health breath” born in 2018 to respond to requests for clarity on how to deal with and manage respiratory tract diseases, His commitment continues to respond correctly and reliablely to the search for information so frequent on the Internet and, at the same time, protect mothers, parents, citizens who surf the net from false myths and inaccurate information. First of all, the implementation of gestures of daily prevention and “anti-virus respiratory anti-virus etiquette” that in pandemic and influence time it is essential to respect outside and inside the house to protect adults and children and above all the most fragile patients is important chronic respiratory pathologies such as asthma, especially in the Christmas period on the occasion of which it is important not to forget the precautionary rules also in the family context “. – points out Laura Mastriorillo (President of Federasma and Allergie Onlus). – “Not only that, adhesion to preventive treatments and aerosolic therapies, such as nebulization, prescribed by doctors is fundamental for the prevention, control and care of even acute and chronic winter respiratory pathologies: the therapeutic alliance and the multidisciplinary involvement of specialists in direct relationship with the patient, even pediatric, and the family are the basis of the control and treatment of respiratory pathologies. In the digital era, of citizens and online mothers and even more in this period of pandemic, we consider it extremely important to maintain a rigorous attention to the validated and certified information for all the social channels of the Federation, also with the project “A breath of health ”which has become a certified reference point for all those who sail on social media.

This event with the direct FB of 15 December represents another important chapter of our project that together with the website www.UNIRESPIRADISALUTE.IT and the FB @un.Umpirodisalute page is one more tool through which to continue educating and correcting citizens correctly “.

Wednesday 15 December at 6 pm.00

Direct with the experts and the testimony of a patient dedicated to the theme

“Winter respiratory pathologies: what strategies to reduce risks?”

A moment of comparison and dialogue with the specialists who will answer all the doubts of families.