A cup of coffee a day is good for heart and brain

A cup of coffee a day by heart and brain: praise to the black drink

Several times the "Rights Council" reported studies that have faced the qualities of coffee and its benefits or contraindications for our health. The last research worthy of note conducted at the University of Colorado School of Medicine Aurora highlighted Once again that drinking a cup of coffee could protect from stroke and heart failures, problems today
more and more widespread in the world and responsible for many deaths.

A cup of coffee, the analysis with an algorithm

The experts analyzed the data of the FRAMINGHAM – study with an algorithm; Large epidemiological study of long duration – and discovered the association between coffee consumption and reduced risk of heart failure and stroke. In particular, experts found that the risk is reduced by 7% respectively and 8217; 8% for each cup of coffee
more than drinking weekly. Finally, they repeated the study on two other sets of data, relating to patients involved in “ Cardiovascular Heart Study
and at the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities Study ”, also finding in this case the association between coffee consumption and defense protection and stroke.

The study in question, notes Giovanni d ’ Agata, president of the "Rights Desk", which was presented Days on the occasion of the 2017 Scientific Sessions of the Heart Association which take place until Wednesday in California, At Anaheim, it therefore represents an ’ further confirmation that drinking coffee does not hurt: just don't overdo it.