A new nasal spray to treat l Autism amazing result of Sydney University

A new nasal spray to treat autism, an amazing result of Sydney University

The Autism passes from oxytocin. According to a study of the Australian University of Sydney, a sprinkle in the nose of this love hormone could become an innovative and new treatment for the autism that has already shown increased levels of reactivity and awareness by patients who have undergone to clinical trials. The study was conducted on children: among the properties of these hormones, it was found to allow individuals with autism to socialize by demonstrating that it has incredible results. In this sense, this nasal spray could become an excellent ally against autism.

Odmone Osssocin has several therapeutic uses and is used for the treatment of complex pathologies such as autism, in fact, and the control of fatty metabolism. The research coordinated by Professor Adam Guastella has shown that oxytocin is able to improve reactivity and awareness of important social information in a relationship. In addition, according to a study by the Boston Harvard Medical Shool, a spraying in the nose of this hormone would help improve metabolism and reduce calories consumption, as well as being useful for treating anxiety and other neurological conditions and other neurological conditions. Professor Guastella said, the drug could be put on the market for people with autism within the next five years.

Autism; Autism is a neurosviluppo disorder characterized by the impairment of social and social interaction of verbal and non -verbal communication that causes narrowness of repetitive interests and behaviors and behaviors. Parents usually notice the first signs within the two years of the child’s life and the certain diagnosis can often be done within thirty months of life. The causes of this event are still still unknown, divided between constitutional neurobiological causes and acquired psycho environmental. More precisely, given the variety of symptoms and the complexity in providing a coherent and unitary clinical definition, the use of talking more correctly about autism spectrum disorders (DSA or, in English, ASD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders) has recently been invalted. , understanding a whole series of pathologies or syndromes with the common denominator the aforementioned behavioral characteristics, although at various degrees or levels of intensity. For Giovanni D’Agata, president of the “Rights Desk”, it is still necessary to caution, even if the results are very encouraging.

In Italy 100 thousand children and teenagers who are suffering from autism. One child suffers every 100 and the males are the most affected: 4 times more than females, without difference between the various ethnic groups and social conditions.