Incarnated nail because it comes

Incarnated nail, because it comes

Nail incarnita It is a problem that usually affects the nail of the first finger in the foot. The cause is usually linked to the incorrect cutting of the nails or to a trauma that breaks part of the nail itself or more rarely the cause is the very shape of the nail lamina.

So the way in which the nails are cut is very important: if they are torn or cut too much short or crooked, the nails tend to regr in an abnormal or laterally way, and therefore the incarnated nail is manifested.

Incarnated nails always cause pain, annoyance, redness and localized swelling; Sometimes small blisters can be observed containing liquid that when they burst, they give off a bad smell.

The inflammation due due to the incarnitated nail causes a thickening of the skin in correspondence with the lesion, bringing pain and other injuries (the pain increases if you wear too narrow shoes).

So one of the best ways to prevent ingrown nails is to cut them correctly while maintaining a certain length, and the cut must be straight and not curved.

Other tips to avoid the onset of the incarnated nail or lighten the pain, they are:

  • Wear comfortable and not close footwear
  • have correct personal hygiene of the feet by washing them every day and drying them well
  • Change the socks frequently and prefer those in natural and breathable fabrics (avoiding synthetic fabrics)
  • Before sports, those suffering from incarnated nails should protect their fingers by wrapping them with specific sterile and elastic bandages

Make a foot bath can therefore give relief to immerse the feet in warm water for 15 minutes several times a day (a disinfectant can be diluted in the water); Then apply a piece of cotton or gauze under the ingrown edge of the nail.