Drainant herbal teas help for our body after holidays

Drainant herbal teas, help for our body after holidays

After the holidays or after a period in which we exaggerated with food, it is good to return to taking care of yourself, after any rude people made during the holidays in which the line or the use of products was thought of less ad hoc of personal care. Recall that if you decide to start a diet, it is good to hear your doctor and subsequently a specialist.

Drainant herbal teas

Help can come from draining herbal teas which, as a main effect, have to decrease water retention, acting on the lymphatic system and renal system.

nfetti, Drainant herbal teas have a diuretic and deflating action which immediately makes a feeling of purification and general well -being precisely precisely because they help to eliminate excess liquids and therefore also waste and toxins accumulated in the body. Furthermore, they help to integrate the daily water necessary for the body: drinking herbal teas, in fact, is certainly easier and more pleasant to remember than drinking simple water.

Examples of draining herbal teas are those based on rooibos, aloe, artichoke, star anise, licorice and fennel or tarassaco. All these herbal teas have purifying properties Since they stimulate biliary, liver and renal function and activate liver, kidneys and skin (emunorious organs) that transform toxins to eliminate them in the form of feces, urine or sweat.

Beware of pathologies

It is advisable Drink one or two cups a day of these herbal teas but it is better to avoid drinking if you suffer from kidney problems, hypertension or constipation. Just as it is better not to drink dramating herbal teas if you are pregnant or breastfeed. Instead, it is indicated drinking draining herbal teas if you suffer from menstrual problems or venous insufficiency and obviously cellulite, precisely because they have a calming effect.

They help to purify blood, liver, pancreas and kidneys and to improve the condition of skin tissue, bones, cartilages, joints and urinary tract. In short, there are only many benefits in drinking draining herbal teas, a small gesture that really makes the difference, even after the holidays.