Nails how to make them stronger

Nails, how to make them stronger

Having beautiful and healthy nails in order to proudly show their hands is not only the desire of many women but also of many men. Often, however, nails can be weakened for several reasons:

  • aging
  • deficiencies of certain vitamins
  • use of aggressive products (such as acetone or wrong glazes)
  • psoriasis
  • mycosis

Fortunately they exist Small and simple gestures to make your nails stronger. Evaluate whether for example resort to a healing manicure that help us.

Make your nails stronger

First, particular attention must be given tohydration: Apply moisturizing products, such as those based on Aloe Vera, is essential to preserve the beauty of the nails.

The hydration, however, should not only be done outside but also from the inside, drinking the right amount of water every day (at least two liters). Another secret at practically zero cost to strengthen your nails is to do A compress based on oil and lemon.

Just create a mixture with two tablespoons of olive oil and one of lemon juice, to be applied for 10 minutes on the nails that will immediately be more cared for but also white (given that the lemon has precisely this whitening power).

The health of nails also passes through the health of the cuticles.

A natural solution To keep the cuticles healthy, it is applying sweet almond oil, which must be gently massaged on the nails.

Very useful can also be supplements to be purchased in the pharmacy or parapharmacy, such as those based on biotin.

The Vitamin B9 (also known as folic acid): this is contained in beans and cereals but can also be integrated with supplements found in the pharmacy or parapharmacy.

They will make their nails more beautiful and their growth faster also faster.

Finally, in the choice of the Lima for the nails, you must prefer the soft and flexible ones and, instead of using acetone to remove the enamel, it is better to opt for delicate solvents.