XIII Municipio – Protocol D understood between the Town Hall and the Farmacap

XIII Municipio – Protocol of the agreement between the Town Hall and the Farmacap

“This morning with the Councilor for Social and Health Policies of the Town Hall XIII Roberto Martino I met the Commissioner of the Farmacap Dott.Franco Alvaro, to sign a memorandum of understanding, useful for offering citizenship concrete help of closeness and proximity, especially for the elderly band in situation of difficulty of our territory.

In this way we intend to report the social function of municipal pharmacies to its traditional popular positions, transforming them into reference centers, enhancing network opportunities between the social, pharmaceutical and healthcare and favoring relationships and constant contact with citizens in Conditions of fragility.

Through the Social Service, which will scan the need and priority, there will be numerous interventions that municipal pharmacies will be able to guarantee free of charge, including the delivery of home drugs, the handling of bureaucratic practices, reservations for health services and specialist visits; while at pharmacies you can also take advantage of diagnostic services.

A further service offered by the Town Hall to support citizenship also in the difficulties of the current historical moment “.

This is what the president of Town Hall XIII, Valentino Mancinelli declares.