XV Town Hall – Pua Objective at the start social and health reception

XV Town Hall – Objective Pua, at the start of the social and health reception

Inaugurated today in via Cassia 472 in the premises of the ASL Rome and adjacent to the social service of the XV town hall. The single access point (PUA) was born from the collaboration between the Health District and the Town Hall and is the creation of a system of reception of demand capable of opening the entire range of opportunities and offers of the social and health services system to the citizen. He carries out social secretariat, information, reception and listening but also accompaniment and orientation to the supply, using simple but effective methods, constantly oriented to facilitate and simplify the citizen’s relationship with the system of social and social and health services system.

The health director of the ASL Roma and, Mauro Goletti, underlines that “it is a counter that will expand its functions over time, becoming a hub for other points that will be built on the territory. It is the first piece of a reorganization of services and an important synergy with the XV Town Hall, to better respond to the increasingly complex needs both from a social and health point of view of resident citizens “.

The PUA will be active from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30 and on Thursday on PO P.m. From 14.30 to 17.30 with front-office activities and with back-office activities, for a more complete integration with the other services of the social and health network.

The PUA is in connection with the URPs of the Town Hall and the ASL, with the Cup and with the information points located at the principals of District 15, as well as with the Instituenda Casa della Salute of District 15.

“E ’ Another important result in the interest of the citizens of the Town Hall XV, starting from the most fragile ones. The PUA will offer integrated social and health services capable of giving appropriate answers to the needs of people identified by specialized operators, to offer information, orientation and possible accompaniment for the most fragile cases. Thanks to the important collaboration between the Town Hall and ASL Rome and we are able today to have a service in the area that simplifies the life of citizens by helping them in relations with the various institutions in the solution of their problems.”.

Thus declared Michela Ottavi Councilor for Social Policies of the XV Town Hall and President Daniele Torquati in a joint note.