Lazio influence vaccine 931 thousand doses of vaccines distributed

Lazio influence vaccine, 931 thousand doses of vaccines distributed

The campaign for the Lazio influence vaccine To protect yourself from the attack of the influence 2017/2018. In fact, a few days in fact they arrived at the ASL of the Lazio Region 931 thousand doses of vaccines and that they will have to serve those who request it for stem the influenza epidemics who put thousands to bed every year and thousands of Italians.

Lazio influence vaccine, lowering temperatures and risk

Just these days, a drastic will arrive lowering of temperatures atmospheric, factor to keep under control precisely because it coincides with the increase of people who take the influence;. It is therefore very important to start vaccinating to stem the propagation of germs with the objective of increasing more and more vaccinated people.
Last year about 51% of people opted for the influenza vaccine and this year with about one million of doses will try to increase this percentage. Very important to know when to do the vaccine influence where to do it and also the methods. All information that you can safely ask yours general practitioner who will be able to show you all that
that c ’ it is to be known on flu vaccines. The Lazio Region regarding the influenza vaccine, this year has engaged around 5000 doctors including several pediatricians because it is increasingly important to ensure that the Vaccine influence children increases more and more in percentage. Also this year it will be possible to access the anti-pneumococcal vaccine, Free vaccine that must be made simultaneously with the influence vaccine and which will be administered only once in life.

Objective Vaccinations influence 2017

Like every year, the main objective is that of decreases the contagions and to prevent the viruses of the influence from last in the air becoming a real epidemic. We remind you that it is of fundamental importance for i weak subjects like the elderly, to do the influenza vaccine elderly people which often end up in hospitals due to the influence that influence that every year becomes stronger and stronger. It should be remembered that the Free influence vaccine It is for all people over 65 years of age and under 6 months but also for whom In this age group it presents chronic pathologies, but also the pregnant women in the second and third month of pregnancy. Access the Free influence vaccine even those who assist people in contact with subjects at risk, all doctors and health personnel, but also those who work in contact with animals all the forces of the Fire Brigade and the Civil Protection.