Between tea and coffee better coffee according to a research that has studied the ability of the two drinks

Between tea and coffee, better coffee according to a research that has studied the ability of the two drinks to alter or not the activity

A study conducted by the University of Uppsala in Sweden reveals surprising implications on the skills of tea of modification of the activity of some genes, inducing the extinguishing or the#8217; ignition of certain genetic switches. The research, in truth, concerned the effects of coffee and tea on genes, but has shown that only the consumption of tea is associated with changes of the activities of genes related to female hormones (estrogen), while the coffee would not involve any change. The scientific investigation led by Weronica Ek was published in the magazine Human Molecular Genetics, and explained that tea influences only genetic activity in women but not in men, even if at the moment no positive effects have been highlighted or negative on women's health due to these changes induced by the consumption of tea. To tell the truth, it is not the first study that shows how what we eat and drink can influence the functioning of our genes, activating or deactivating certain genetic switches.

The research in question concerned almost 3100 individuals from both sexes asking them if they consumed tea and coffee and in what quantities. Following the blood tests taken by the subjects, scholars analyzed the so -called changes ” epigenetics ”, that is, those that involve ignition or extinguishing the interruptions of the genes and therefore which alter the activity of the genes themselves by increasing it or reducing it. Scientists have noted that coffee has no influence on genes activities while the consumption of tea was tied, in women, to changes of the activities of 28 regions of the genome, in particular of the activity; of genes ” DNAJC16 ” e ” TTC17 ”, known to be linked to the metabolism of estrogen hormones. Obviously the researchers have kept to clarify that it is not clear at the moment if these changes induced by the consumption of tea have an impact on health and whether it is protective or on the contrary disadvantageous.

Therefore, notes Giovanni D’Agata, president of the "Rights Desk ”, no concern for women, but only that common sense that concerns any type of consumption: never abuse or tea of coffee.