Unipadova climate change and pollution causes of male sterility

Unipadova, climate change and pollution causes of male sterility

Today there is a lot of talk of environmental pollution and health related damage. Chemicals dispersed in water, in the soil but also in the air or contained in many foods, but also apparently harmless activities, can be responsible for andrological and gynecological pathologies that impact strongly negatively on reproduction. But how this happens and what the countermeasures are consequently?

To take stock of the question with the press agency to say is Andrea Garolla

To take stock of the question with the press agency to say is Andrea Garolla, professor of endocrinology of the unit of andrology and medicine of reproduction of the reproduction of the University of Padua. “ in recent years a
substantial change of fertility. In fact, the births are not down but the parameters have greatly worsened
Seminals of man;. If we think precisely that fifty years ago considered the average of 100 million sperm to be normal,
Today in Europe the average considered normal consists of a number greater than 40 million.

To complicate the picture c.
“ because we think of the environment as a trigger? Because there are phenomena- adds the expert- which are suddenly changing the amount of chemicals that are in the environment, environment and vegetables of which we feed so much to name some of them. Not only but we must also think about the atmospheric temperature that gradually is increasing
And this also plays an important role in infertility ”.

These substances interfere with hormones

“ we have shown- continues Garolla- that these substances interfere with hormones and in particular with male ones making sure that the receptor does not ‘ Senta ’ Testosterone and this involves a decrease in the androgenization characteristics of males and therefore of fertility. The growth of environmental temperatures from the other is another because the testicle, to function adequately, must be at a lower temperature than that of the body. A recent study performed on young men who underwent a month in Saune once a week has shown a significant drop in the number and quality of the sperm DNA with consequent negative impact therefore on fertility ”.