Cross how to relieve pain

Cross, how to relieve pain

The pitches or spider fish live mainly in the sandy or muddy seabed of the sea, within 30 meters of depth. Here they camouflage perfectly and are not easily located and it is precisely for this reason that many times can be bumping these fish.

The danger is hidden in their dorsal spines

The danger is hidden in their dorsal spines (from 5 to 7) which are erected and poisonous when they feel for example the approach of bathers.

The poison contains a mixture of multiple toxic substances of a protein nature such as dracotoxin, a very unstable molecule that has a hemolytic action (it destroys blood cells) and is sensitive to temperature.

There are also other substances such as serotonin and histamine that contribute to the reaction to the puncture and also cause a sense of panic that manifests themselves in people immediately after being peaks.

The pain is instantaneous and can last even several hours, and also there may also be redness, swelling, nausea, vomiting and fever.

The first thing to do after the puncture

The first thing to do after the puncture is to try to escape the poison by gently squeezing the area and checking whether or not there are the spots held back in the subcute that could cause infection and therefore will be removed.

To relieve the pain there are small things that can be done: wet the sore zone with hot water (sweet or salty) because the poss of the pound is thermulable at temperatures close to 50 °; If you have been points to your feet, dip them in hot water.

To avoid ice and cold that worsen the situation, or the use of ammonia.

It is good to avoid all “do it yourself” remedies as these could worsen the symptoms or add further pain injuries caused by contact with the pound.

There are also drugs that can be taken to find relief as analgesics, anti -inflammatory or the use of cortisone ointments.