Influence vaccine where it can be done

Influence vaccine, where it can be done?

Before the influence period arrives, many people decide to undergo the flu vaccine just to avoid taking the influence. This year because of the Cortonavirus emergency, the vaccine is highly recommended for different categories of subjects but also to those who are between 60 and 64 years old, to whom it is offered free of charge. Increasing the doses of vitamin C is however very useful to avoid the classic seasonal ailments.

Vaccine and the weakest categories

Other categories of subjects for which it is recommended are:

  • women who are found in pregnancy at the beginning of the epidemic season and in the “postpartum” period;
  • subjects from 6 months to 65 years of age suffering from pathologies that increase the risk of influence complications (those who have a tumor or some other serious disease);
  • Children and teenagers in long -term treatment with acetylsalicylic acid, at risk of Reye syndrome in case of flu infection;
  • individuals of any age admitted to long -term facilities;
  • family members and contacts (adults and children) of subjects at high risk of complications (regardless of whether the subject at risk has been vaccinated or not);
  • subjects involved in public services of primary collective interest (categories of workers such as doctors and health personnel, police forces, firefighters);
  • those who work closely with animals (breeders, transport of live animals, slaughters, veterinarians);
  • blood donors.

Obviously the vaccine is not mandatory but it is highly recommended to undergo this to avoid getting the influence or, if you are fragile subjects, it is better to carry it out just to avoid complications if it contracts.

Vaccination It will be offered by general practitioners and free choice pediatricians and can take place in Vaccinal clinics of local healthcare companies spread in the area. If the family doctors do not have an antidote or have finished it, they will however be able to administer it (free of charge or not, they will decide independently) to patients who have purchased the antidote in the pharmacy.