Tor Vergata – Marino Proud of the research on Crohn’s disease

Tor Vergata – Marino: “ proud of the research on Crohn’s disease.”

The prestigious magazine “The New England Journal of Medicine” today published the results of the new and important experimental therapy on Crohn’s disease – a chronic and disabling intestinal disease – conducted in various Italian research centers and coordinated by professors Giovanni Monteleone and Francesco Pallone of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata“. The molecule, called Mongersen, is giving extraordinary results with a clinical efficacy of documented treatment in over 80% of patients in the first three months.

We are faced with a further demonstration of the excellence of Italian research and research centers of our city.

It is also a reason for great satisfaction to know that among the authors of this study there is also Dr. Massimo Fantini, a young researcher returned to Italy thanks to the “Return of the Brain” program, promoted by the Ministry of Education, University and Research. This was possible thanks to the happy intuition of academics such as Professor Giuseppe Novelli who work every day to promote and enhance the excellence of our country.

I therefore want to express my most lively congratulations to all scholars engaged in research and an encouragement to move forward on the path taken. Rome is proud to know she is at the center of an important scientific conquest