Infrared thermometer it is mandatory in commercial establishments

Infrared thermometer, it is mandatory in commercial establishments?

Until January 31, 2021 the state of emergency was extended by the Coronavirus. For this reason it became mandatory to wear the mask indoors but also outdoors where there can be no distancing from other people.

Infrared thermometer, how it works

Just as the distancing of 1 meter is confirmed and the prohibition of assembly and compliance with hygiene standards is always recommended, such as washing the hands and the use of sanitizing gels. The measurement of the temperature that must not exceed the limit of 37.5 ° and the attention to possible suspicious symptoms is still important.

In particular, parents before the children go to school must measure them the temperature but also in the workplace it is advisable to do this preliminary operation at the entrance of the structure. However, according to the opinion of the technical-scientific committee that expressed itself in September, The presence of thermoscanner in public and private offices.

In shopping centers

In shopping centers There continues to be an employee prepared for the measurement of the temperature with the thermoscanner thermometer that allows you to detect it quickly and quickly at a distance without there being a risk of contagion.

In fact, to the entrances of the department stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and in all those places where it is necessary to detect the temperature of customers and visitors, it is allowed to equip yourself with thermoscanners but there is no obligation.

The owner of the business can prevent access to those who do not want to be subjected to the temperature measurement and above all preclude it to those who have more than 37.5 ° degrees or other suspicious symptoms. What is obvious and clear is that each of us has to be aware of the danger that we run in leaving the house (and above all going to public places) with fever or other symptoms.

So even if the temperature is not detected, it is good to do an examination of consciousness and stay at home if you have such symptoms.