Three new surgeons come all De Lellis hospital in Rieti

Three new surgeons arrive at the De Lellis hospital in Rieti

ASL Rieti: the reorganization of the surgical activity of the De ’Lellis is underway. Reduction of waiting lists and optimization management management of operating sessions. Three new surgeons are coming.

In recent weeks there have been the comparisons between the ASL company health management of Rieti and the professionals who operate in the surgical area, with a view to overcoming some organizational critical issues, not least the need to ensure the usability of the residual holidays and therefore to support additional staff resources necessary to guarantee the complete staff, given the blocking of hires due to the return plan from the regional health deficit.

At the end of this close comparison, the company health management proceeded to definition a new organization of surgical activities.

Waiting times are reduced with the arrival of three new chirughi

The corporate health management, in order to further reduce waiting lists and to optimize the management of operating sessions, is putting in place a series of shared initiatives with the hospital medical direction of the De ’Lellis and with the managers of the surgical area.

The reworking of the service shifts will ensure full coverage, even by resorting to flexible methods
and shared, to safeguard the continuity of care, in compliance with the working hours provided for by
legislation and the professionals who operate there; All this in order to guarantee a better distribution

Finally, it should be noted that the General Management of the ASL of Rieti has long activated the procedures for
the acquisition of additional staff units. Procedures currently being carried out for a
total of 3 new surgeons.