Vaccines prof Pinto Magistrates can remove their children from parents to get them vaccinated

Vaccines, prof. Pinto: “ magistrates can remove their children from parents to have them vaccinated ”

The professor. Luciano Pinto, vice president of Siptes Campania (Italian Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics) intervened on the microphones of the “Genetica Oggi” broadcast, conducted by Andrea Lupoli on Radio Cusano Campus, broadcaster of the Niccolò Cusano University (www.Unicusano.IT).

Regarding the document on vaccines presented by the Fnomce. “The Court- explained Pinto- could say: ‘For a few hours, parents lose the so-called child protection, is vaccinated and then returned’. Making a vaccination by order of the court is possible, but we must not get to this. We must make sure that parents realize that vaccinations are used for children.

None of us want Italy to have these measures, that the purpose of this very noble action of the Order of Doctors be deducted. We doctors we have to work in the interest of the child. The minor is the owner “just” of the right to health he exercises through the parents, who are the legal representatives: they are not free to decide on the health of a child as their own, but must respect the principle of the pre -eminent interest of the minor without choices and personal opinions prevail on this “.